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Consider I have a highload wallet smart contract deployed to the TON network and I send an external message to it in order to deliver 100 value transfers to ...
one year ago
3 Guaranteed message delivery with send_raw_message()

As client software and the smart contract in question are two separate entities it would be better to actually verify that transaction was actually processed and the outgoing messages were created and submitted for processing.

What you should do is:

1). Create an external message for your highload wallet with the list of value transfers that need to be done. Get the hash of the external message or it's body.

2). Submit the message to the network.

3). Poll for the latest transa...

one year ago
2 How to decode data of TON smart-contract?

There is no single data-storage format in TON. Each smart contract could have it's own way of storing/encoding it's data. Take the NFT item smart contract as an example. It stores it's data in the following format:

;;  Storage
;;  uint64 index
;;  MsgAddressInt collection_address
;;  MsgAddressInt owner_address
;;  cell content

And the contract has two internal functions to ac...

one year ago