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0 Questions, 4 Answers
  Active since 11 October 2022
  Last activity 5 months ago


1 What happens when you transfer TON coin to an uninitialized wallet address?

Deployment of the wallet is the act of uploading its bytecode to the blockchain. But all that is necessary for the success of the transaction is the correct TON address (for example, when using a wallet application), even if it has not been deployed.

When you send TONcoin funds to an uninitialized correct address happen something of the following events:

  1. The transaction will be executed and funds will store on-chain until the corresponding wallet's address will deploy. After deployment...
one year ago
1 Help a newbie choose the path :)

The most convenient resource is straight from https://www.tonspace.co/. The TON community is improving this resource day after day so newcomers can onboard easier.

Also, suppose you are a student and you have a choice of what program language you should learn. At the moment, the basic language for writing smart contracts of TON is FunC. FunC is a domain-specific C-like statically typed language, so you can learn any similar program language (for example C, Java) to improve your understandi...

one year ago
3 Where can I get TON coins for testnet?

For getting test TON coins use the following:


  1. Use the @testgiver_ton_bot if you need a small amount of TestNet TON coins. You can get 2 TON coins every 60 minutes via this bot.
  2. If you have a task that requires a much larger amount of test TON coins, you can ask for help from the Telegram community (https://t.me/tondev_eng or https://t.me/tondev) with a description of the reason why you need more than 2 TON coins.


  1. ...
one year ago
2 Can I upgrade from v3 wallet to v4 wallet without changing the wallet address?

It's impossible to upgrade the wallet version from v3 to v4 without changing the address.

Basically, the wallet is one of TON blockchain smart-contract and the wallet's address is the smart contract's address. The address of the newly deployed contract in TON depends on two things - the deployed bytecode and the initial contract storage. As we will have new bytecode(from the difference between v3 and v4 contracts) and new initial data - ...

one year ago