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Behrang Norouzinia
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0 How to measure the length of a Lisp-style list?

Finding the length of a lisp-style list is a manual process. You have to traverse the list. As such, it most likely doesn't worth it in a smart contract context, so it's better to keep a separate counter variable, whenever you're going to need to use length.

2 months ago
0 Why does FunC use ;; for comments?

I guess that's because of the way special characters like ?!:/ are accepted in variable and function names. If // was used for single line comments then at the end of lines without a semicolon, you had to put a space before them, or else they'd be treated as part of an identifier's name.

Semicolon is not allowed in identifier names and so it can be used without a problem as single line comments.

9 months ago
0 Is it possible to get server time in FunC?

If you mean the current transaction time when transaction is being processed and accepted in a block, then you can use now() in FunC.

9 months ago
0 How to check the current TPS on TON blockchain?

dton.io shows some stats on its homepage, including transactions per second.

9 months ago
0 What programming languages do I need to know for developing for TON blockchain?

To develop smart contracts you need to at least learn FunC. In the process you might also learn Fift for a better understanding of how things work on a lower level.

To develop Telegram bots you can use many different general-purppose programming languages. There are a lot of options available here.

For the client side of dApps, you can use JavaScript or other tools that can generate a client side application.

11 months ago
0 What's the difference between addresses that start with EQ and those that start with UQ?

Address that start with EQ are bounceable addresses, and those that start with UQ are non-bounceable addresses. These are only a hint to the wallet software that you want the sent message to be able to bounce or not.

When an error occurs in the target smart contract, usually a bounced message will return to the sender. In some cases you don't want the error message to be generated and also you don't want the transferred TON to be returned.

One such case is when you want to deploy a smar...

9 months ago
0 Does TON config update process require any action from the node owners?

TON configuration is the data for the Configuration smart contract. When an election is held and the vote to change a configuration is in support of the change, the config smart contract automatically changes the configuration data.

There is no need for any action from node owners. However, they might need to update their software from time to time, before an election is held which relies on the updates software.

9 months ago
0 Standard method for defining opcodes in func?

Newer versions of FunC compiler added support for const, so in newly written code, you may use this feature, or use the old approach. Both are supported.

The const way of defining a constant is similar to other programming languages, so it can make your code easier to understand for readers.

one day ago
0 Inactive wallet

Send any amount from your wallet.

You don't need to worry about it bein inactive. The first time that you send an outgoing transaction, your wallet software will deploy your wallet on chain and then sends the specified amount from it.

one day ago
0 Cost of deploying a new smart contract

You can learn more here:

Masterchain costs a lot more than basic workchain, like a thousand times.

11 months ago
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