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In 80%(!) of the cases the 24 secret words generated with the tpay1 wallet generate a different(!) address in newer wallets and dont(!) show wallets assets. ...
7 months ago
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Hi there, I am looking for a linux command-line wallet for Toncoin. Is there already such a project or is the there an SDK/Whitepapper to implement it myself...
7 months ago
1 Linux Command-Line CLI Wallet

After searching for a day I came the following useful crumbs:

  1. https://tonconsole.com/

  2. https://github.com/ton-defi-org/ton-offline-transaction

  3. Is a good candidate to glue elements together in a modular way using a script, especially for Cold Storage. I also find that (working) sample code with script is a great way to get a flying start. Scripts can be read by everyone. Let me know if there is a need for this.

7 months ago
1 24 secret words not forward compatible - lost assets!

Here my proof of claim

If your old version of the wallet is not allowed on the blockchain anymore, then there is no way to get access back to your coins. The blockchain explorer show many ppl staking 40k, 50k, 100K. When they need it back in say 5 years, they are screwed. I have good money staked and was shocked when I upgraded to the latest wallet.

7 months ago
0 What are the various ways of holding and storing TON coin securely - particularly large amounts and in cold storage?

Good read: 'Ton-offline-transaction - offline laptop'

To make it easier for more whales investing in Toncoin, it would be good to have these instructions wrapped into a (bash)script. Easy to audit, easy to modify/update and making it easier for store your coins with peace of mind.

I could help with the script. I come from FreeBSD building secure servers and building linux desktops that have an emphasis on security & privacy. Doin...

7 months ago
0 24 secret words not forward compatible - lost assets!

Is the Toncoin a free for all? I was under the impression that Telegram has some oversight to ensure quality over important issues for investors in the coin.

7 months ago
0 Linux Command-Line CLI Wallet

What is the depost for this? Or URL?

For serveral years I already want to contribute to Telegram and now Toncoin. It is just impossible to find the developer documents using Telegram or the search engines.

7 months ago