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  Active since 18 July 2023
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1 How to get all the jettons

It's best practice for jetton transfer to include "forward_ton_amount" into transfer message, resulting sending "transfer_notification" message to "main" wallet address, so you can scan incoming tx of your wallet in question and find jetton transfers. But that behavior is not mandatory.

If you have whitelist of all Jetton (Master accounts) you want to support/display - you may call [get_wallet_ad...

7 months ago
1 24 secret words not forward compatible - lost assets!

What is "tpay1 wallet"? Do you know that TON wallet may have different types and if you used some mnemonic to work with one version of wallet - you'll get different address (and different wallet) if you use same mnemonic with different version?

You can check version of your wallet using explorers. After that, you need to use App that supports this version or transfer your treasures to address with "updated version" (for same mnemonic).

7 months ago
0 What number to use for multiplying Jettons?

When someone creates new Jetton using minter.ton.org, the multiplier (precision) must be specified in corresponding input field ("The decimal precision of your token (9 is TON default)").

For later, you must read Jetton metadata to know this value.

7 months ago
0 How do you create a TON Wallet using C# and .NET?

Check this to work with mnemonics/keys and this to deploy a wallet and send a transaction.

Please make a note that wallet is deployed by first outgoing tx (not incoming one), so you need some TON to be on your acc before you'll start deploying it.

For brand new wallet your sequence is like ...

7 months ago