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How do I decode the response from getTransactions in the TonWeb SDK?

Where can I find the format of transactions returned by the TonWeb getTransactions() method?
Specifically, the format of the 'message' and 'msg_data' fields of the in_msg object.

import TonWeb from "tonweb";
async function main() {
	const tonweb = new TonWeb();
  const address = new tonweb.utils.Address("EQB90pO1r7oIGfEI2f3hlzdm3yfn0yVPvuAvGvhnKqdIcoam");
  const history = await tonweb.getTransactions(address);
  let xaction = history[0];
Posted one year ago
Edited one year ago
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This is interface for getTransactions on typescript. You can use it for get more information how to parse response - github reference

Tonweb return has a same data. Thats both client use same API

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one year ago
one year ago