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Is there a tutorial anywhere on creating an NFT on TON?

This is a good suggestion for a dedicated step-by-step tutorial. I imagine that the TON community will focus on this in the coming months.

Here are some resources to help with creating NFTs:

  • TON-NFT-deployer: created by TON Diamonds, this is a complete project that can help the technically minded developer deploy an NFT
  • Disintar: an NFT marketplace for TON. You might want to look into here if you want to work as a creator instead of being more technically minded.
  • TON NFT Documentation: TON's documentation provides links to a lot of NFT resources.

Since smart contracts were mentioned, I'd like to include information on the standard and a smart contract implementation.

The standard is lengthy, and you can read the entire analysis on its GitHub page. Officially, the standard for NFTs on TON are TEP-62 (as opposed to ERC-721 on Ethereum).

As for the smart contract implementation, here is a simple one that the TON documentation provides, but there are many versions of it as well:

;;  TON NFT Item Smart Contract


    NOTE that this tokens can be transferred within the same workchain.

    This is suitable for most tokens, if you need tokens transferable between workchains there are two solutions:

    1) use more expensive but universal function to calculate message forward fee for arbitrary destination (see `misc/forward-fee-calc.cs`)

    2) use token holder proxies in target workchain (that way even 'non-universal' token can be used from any workchain)


int min_tons_for_storage() asm "50000000 PUSHINT"; ;; 0.05 TON

;;  Storage
;;  uint64 index
;;  MsgAddressInt collection_address
;;  MsgAddressInt owner_address
;;  cell content

(int, int, slice, slice, cell) load_data() {
    slice ds = get_data().begin_parse();
    var (index, collection_address) = (ds~load_uint(64), ds~load_msg_addr());
    if (ds.slice_bits() > 0) {
      return (-1, index, collection_address, ds~load_msg_addr(), ds~load_ref());
    } else {  
      return (0, index, collection_address, null(), null()); ;; nft not initialized yet

() store_data(int index, slice collection_address, slice owner_address, cell content) impure {
            .store_uint(index, 64)

() send_msg(slice to_address, int amount, int op, int query_id, builder payload, int send_mode) impure inline {
  var msg = begin_cell()
    .store_uint(0x10, 6) ;; nobounce - int_msg_info$0 ihr_disabled:Bool bounce:Bool bounced:Bool src:MsgAddress -> 010000
    .store_uint(0, 1 + 4 + 4 + 64 + 32 + 1 + 1)
    .store_uint(op, 32)
    .store_uint(query_id, 64);

  if (~ builder_null?(payload)) {
    msg = msg.store_builder(payload);

  send_raw_message(msg.end_cell(), send_mode);

() transfer_ownership(int my_balance, int index, slice collection_address, slice owner_address, cell content, slice sender_address, int query_id, slice in_msg_body, int fwd_fees) impure inline {
    throw_unless(401, equal_slices(sender_address, owner_address));

    slice new_owner_address = in_msg_body~load_msg_addr();
    slice response_destination = in_msg_body~load_msg_addr();
    in_msg_body~load_int(1); ;; this nft don't use custom_payload
    int forward_amount = in_msg_body~load_coins();
    throw_unless(708, slice_bits(in_msg_body) >= 1);

    int rest_amount = my_balance - min_tons_for_storage();
    if (forward_amount) {
      rest_amount -= (forward_amount + fwd_fees);
    int need_response = response_destination.preload_uint(2) != 0; ;; if NOT addr_none: 00
    if (need_response) {
      rest_amount -= fwd_fees;

    throw_unless(402, rest_amount >= 0); ;; base nft spends fixed amount of gas, will not check for response

    if (forward_amount) {
      send_msg(new_owner_address, forward_amount, op::ownership_assigned(), query_id, begin_cell().store_slice(owner_address).store_slice(in_msg_body), 1);  ;; paying fees, revert on errors
    if (need_response) {
      send_msg(response_destination, rest_amount, op::excesses(), query_id, null(), 1); ;; paying fees, revert on errors

    store_data(index, collection_address, new_owner_address, content);

() recv_internal(int my_balance, int msg_value, cell in_msg_full, slice in_msg_body) impure {
    if (in_msg_body.slice_empty?()) { ;; ignore empty messages
        return ();

    slice cs = in_msg_full.begin_parse();
    int flags = cs~load_uint(4);

    if (flags & 1) { ;; ignore all bounced messages
        return ();
    slice sender_address = cs~load_msg_addr();

    cs~load_msg_addr(); ;; skip dst
    cs~load_coins(); ;; skip value
    cs~skip_bits(1); ;; skip extracurrency collection
    cs~load_coins(); ;; skip ihr_fee
    int fwd_fee = muldiv(cs~load_coins(), 3, 2); ;; we use message fwd_fee for estimation of forward_payload costs

    (int init?, int index, slice collection_address, slice owner_address, cell content) = load_data();
    if (~ init?) {
      throw_unless(405, equal_slices(collection_address, sender_address));
      store_data(index, collection_address, in_msg_body~load_msg_addr(), in_msg_body~load_ref());
      return ();

    int op = in_msg_body~load_uint(32);
    int query_id = in_msg_body~load_uint(64);

    if (op == op::transfer()) {
      transfer_ownership(my_balance, index, collection_address, owner_address, content, sender_address, query_id, in_msg_body, fwd_fee);
      return ();
    if (op == op::get_static_data()) {
      send_msg(sender_address, 0, op::report_static_data(), query_id, begin_cell().store_uint(index, 256).store_slice(collection_address), 64);  ;; carry all the remaining value of the inbound message
      return ();

;;  GET Methods

(int, int, slice, slice, cell) get_nft_data() method_id {
  (int init?, int index, slice collection_address, slice owner_address, cell content) = load_data();
  return (init?, index, collection_address, owner_address, content);
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