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Is there a "definitive" library for developing on TON?

There are numerous libraries for interacting with the TON blockchain, so it might be hard for a new developer to choose. Of course, what is the "best" is a highly opinionated question, and this website is not for discussing subjective opinions, so let's not get into that. But maybe there is something like a "most popular", "most functional" or "officially recommended" library?

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Posted one year ago
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Clients (tool and api)

  • Classic on javascript TonWeb it's client for toncenter API
  • Typescript ton-core and ton. Both libraries has tools for working with Cell,Slice,Address etc. Client can call toncenter API
  • Pretty cool CLI toncli
  • Python tonsdk
  • Tonutils on Go lang

Contracts (FunC, test coverage)

  • My guess on a best for right now it's blueprint. You can write FunC contracts and cover it with typescript tests after that deployed vie terminal. Pretty simple to install and use.
  • For Python people - one of new release Rift. It's complex framework for write smartcontract on python like OOP style. Also test incuded
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one year ago
one year ago