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Why does the already defined error come up during TonCLI's run_tests procedure?

Why is it that during the TonCLI run_tests procedure, already defined comes up even with only having 2 procedures in test file?

The error is as follows:

[ 1][t 0][2022-08-03 17:54:16.452700431][Fift.cpp:67] top: abort
level 1: swap { <continuation 0x5592f7b91d00> } if HERE drop 
level 2: [in @PROC:<{:] over @fail-ifdef HERE 2 { <continuation 0x5592f7c09180> } does null swap @doafter<{ 0 32 u, 
level 3: <text interpreter continuation>
level 4: <continuation 0x5592f7bae2d0>
level 5: <text interpreter continuation>
[ 1][t 0][2022-08-03 17:54:16.452739603][fift-main.cpp:204] Error interpreting file `/tmp/tmpohjkaaen.fif`: contract_tests.fif:84: PROC:<{:procedure already defined

Whenever I redefine the test contract in an attempt to fix it, it fails at the build stage.

Also, whenever I comment out the following code, the error never triggers:

cell build_new_addr( int addr ){
 cell new_addr = begin_cell()
          .store_uint(1, 2)
          .store_uint(5, 9)
          .store_uint(addr, 5)
 return new_addr;

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This might not answer your question, but to any onlookers, I recommend using Blueprint instead of TonCLI for developer environments as it is much more user friendly.

Jeremy   one year ago Report
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