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What is the approach to adopt for supporting dApp to dApp calls/communications?


I'm considering to move my projects from another blockchain to TON but I still don't understand how to handle the asynchronous part.

One of my projects is a NFT marketplace with 4 dApps: artists, primary market, secondary market, and gateway.
Each dApp depends on data query to each other and some do dApp to dApp calls that changes states on each side.

With TON being non-atomic, without dApp to dApp calls (since they would be asynchronous), I struggle to understand how developers tackle this? Does it mean the best approach is to gather all dApps in one? Are there other options I can study?

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First of all, messages in TVM (TON Network) don't allow us to access the state data of other contracts in the same way we do in Solidity (EVM).

This is because the data for a contract can change dynamically in an asynchronous chain. The only way to access data from a smart contract is through message calls, which means asking the contract to send the data through itself.

More information here:

Posted one year ago
Edited one year ago
Howard Peng
10 × 1 Administrator

Thank you for the link, look like it have interesting info, i'll take the time to read it and come back if needed :)

Chris   one year ago Report
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one year ago
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