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Are NFTs on TON really decentralized?

Web3 aims to be decentralized, but it's not always so in reality. Sometimes there is a "higher power" that can intervene to some degree, such in the case of USDT, where the company Tether Limited Inc. holds the power. So I wonder, is there a power that can "take away" my NFTs or prevent me from using them?

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Posted 9 months ago
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There is no "higher power" that could take away NFT. But most of the images and their metadata are stored on centralized servers that can be turned off. However, this is a temporary solution for most collections. When decentralized file storage is launched as a component of the TON, these files can be transferred there. This will make them truly decentralized and eternal.

Posted 9 months ago
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9 months ago
9 months ago