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How to confirm success transaction for NFT?

I want to make sure that transfer was success using this method response tonConnectUI.sendTransaction()

I am using :
React js

Environment : Testnet

send transaction with : tonConnectUI.sendTransaction()

transaction response with web extension :

{boc:"x{B92CC224AD7A1546F9974E8ACD9B4D7305D90A21A75A24C9732DB161B7D034A0D78239814924A11BAED572D69782624216DE00BCEE93A99090469BFEE2477D0029A9A31764E4EA950000000503}\n x{620019F5CCE72C6549AE5B6A58A2B80A5E02FD23B696B24A5EDCD3C6E47A671D3AECA017D7840000000000000000000000000001}\n

transaction response with mobile wallet :

{boc: 'te6cckEBAwEA/gAB4YgB3AXJ8ARxwY8o+zIr4S1P5QSubCjc50…T4Ajjgx5R9mRXwlqfyglc2FG5zpJ7YuhnXJKzQZwgKMscEHI='}


so i am getting different type of response with mobile wallet and web extenstion. i dont know how to confirm that success transaction. and every time they show me transaction success even nft was not transfered for some reason.

So i try to get nft owner by NFT address after getting transaction response but still got old owner its not updating after transaction i think its takes time.

So idecided to decode response and get Trasaction hash and the check data with this hash from api.

But i dont know how to get transaction hash.

Can anyone help to solve this problem in any way? i just need to confirm that NFT received in x wallet.


Posted 3 months ago
Edited 3 months ago
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0 Answers
3 months ago
3 months ago