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How can I get transaction hash after transfer sen ?

// Create a transfer
const seqno: number = await contract.getSeqno();

const transfer = await contract.createTransfer({
		secretKey: keyPair.secretKey,
		messages: [
						value: '0.11',
						to: 'EQBVXzBT4lcTA3S7gdrg5hnl5fnsSWj4oNEzNp09aQxkwj1G',
						body: '123456',

const res = await contract.send(transfer);

I tried to decode transfer with transfer.hash().toString('hex');
But after sending I compared hashes and they was different.

I thought that I can find it in getTransactions(): Transaction[] data after transfer send. With trying to find it by seqno. Cause I know current seqno and transaction with seqno+1 must be that I need. But I didnt find seqno in getTransactions() items.

How can I get actual hash after transfer send?
I use TypeScript ton library.
Thank you.

Posted 4 months ago
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1 Answer
4 months ago
28 days ago