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Have I lost my Ton for good?

Back in 2020-2021, I mined TON alongside ETH. This was through TonWhales. The system utilized a Telegram channel to check balance, deposit, withdraw, etc. Obviously, I kept my 24 key words written down so when I changed numbers I didn't keep the Telegram channel on my new device. Anyway, it's been over a year since I logged in, and I fear V4 changes have caused problems for me accessing my wallet.

For further context, I was with TON Wallet. When I input my 24 words, I'm at 0 TON. Using TONscan, I have over 2k. Is there any wallet out there that I can use my phrase for that won't auto-update on entry?


Posted one month ago

Welcome to the great temple of wealth and power, WhatsApp: +2348169224726

i am DR MUDI and I was born in August 1965. I am a degree holder in Agricultural science. I inherited this temple from my father. Since then, i have been a spell caster, and i have helped series of people all over the continent, and my spells has really worked out for different people, and it has been 100% accurate. And It’s been more than 37 years that I have been working hard to satisfy my clients all over the world. What i need here are real people who really know what they want, and people who are ready t...

mudi spell temple   21 days ago Report
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one month ago
one month ago