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Vudi Kingyru
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TON and Everscale have similar roots and should be fairly compatible from a technological perspective. Although they are separate networks with different val...
1 About TON DNS Future

Существует 3 статьи на эту тему:

  1. Общие вопросы (7 вопросов-ответов) https://telegra.ph/Otvety-na-voprosy-o-TON-DNS-kanalu-Investment-kingyru-CHast-1-08-05
  2. Технические вопросы (10 вопросов-ответов) https://telegra.ph/Otvety-na-voprosy-o-TON-DNS-kanalu-Investment-kingyru-CHast-2-08-06
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5 months ago
1 What's the difference between wallet contract v3 and v4?

There are a bunch of contracts developed by the original TON team to manage TON coins, but only 4 versions are currently available.

Wallet v1: allows you to create a wallet.
Wallet v2: added a sequence of actions (seqno).
Wallet v3: added public key generation (TON Wallet)
Wallet v4: relevant to Tonkeeper, tonhub. v4 adds new functionality to complex logic and pairing of smart contracts. For example subscriptions (private channels) and stacking. This version allows you to greatly expan...

5 months ago
-1 How to create a new TON wallet programatically?

You can use the TonWeb javascript SDK.

const tonweb = new TonWeb();

const wallet = tonweb.wallet.create({publicKey});

const address = await wallet.getAddress();

const nonBounceableAddress = address.toString(true, true, false);

const seqno = await wallet.methods.seqno().call();

await wallet.deploy(secretKey).send(); // deploy wallet to blockchain

const fee = await wallet.methods.transfer({
    toAddress: 'EQDjV...
5 months ago