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0 toncli: ERROR: Command '['/home/fera/ton/fift', '-V']' died with <Signals.SIGILL: 4>.

I suggest you compile your own version yourself.

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ton-blockchain/mytonctrl/master/scripts/toninstaller.sh
sudo bash toninstaller.sh

If all goes well you can find everything you need in /usr/bin/ton/

one year ago
1 How to deploy the contract to the testnet

Hello, in my case.

toncli deploy -n testnet

I successfully completed deploying the contract on testnet.

I think it might be because you don't have enough test coins.

one year ago
0 Can you use Solidity to write contracts for TON blockchain? (ton.org)

This is a project we have discussed in the past.
In the past, free ton (everscale) has made a similar solidity compiler.

Seems to be deprecated internally, I forget why.

one year ago
0 About TON DNS Future


In regards to price action, the following is copied from the link above:

Minimum price.
As protection against spamming bots that automatically register names, there will be a base price and floor price one has to pay.

The base price and floor price depend on the number of characters in your domain name.

Base price — The price at which begins the bidding.

Floor price — A price that cannot go lower than this threshol...

one year ago
1 What is the global network config file (global.config.json) and where can I download a recent one for mainnet and testnet?
# This is a general node, it cannot find all transaction data.
wget https://ton.org/global-config.json -P ~/
wget https://ton.org/global-config-wallet.json -P ~/
wget https://ton-blockchain.github.io/global.config.json -P ~/

# This is the archive node, you can find all transaction data
wget https://ton.org/global-config-archive.json -P ~/

# The following are general test nodes
wget https://ton-blockchain.github.io/testnet-global.config.json -P ~/
wget https://ton.org/testne...
one year ago
4 Can't compile TON binaries on M1 macbook


# Install dependent packages
brew update
brew install openssl cmake llvm
brew link openssl --force

# Install ninja
brew install ninja

# generate env folder / clone ton source code
mkdir ~/ton-env
cd ~/ton-env
git clone --recursive https://github.com/ton-blockchain/ton.git

# compile
cd ~/ton-env/
mkdir ton-bin
cd ~/ton-env/ton-bin

cmake ~/ton-env/ton \
    -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release \
one year ago
2 Votes
2 Answers
2 Votes 2 Answers 28K Views
I want to use a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor for storing my TON coins. But unfortunately both don't currently have official support for TON coin. Is...
0 Votes
2 Answers
0 Votes 2 Answers 32K Views
I know Metamask but never used it for TON before. Is to possible do to that? And if it is, where I might find settings for the network switch on Metamask wal...
one year ago