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Sergei Krivochenko
  Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil
3 Questions, 0 Answers
  Active since 14 October 2022
  Last activity 11 months ago

Full-stack developer. My TON-project: https://krivochenko.github.io/t11n/



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1 Answers
0 Votes 1 Answers 15K Views
Hi everione I try to understand logic of work API v4. In general I have a aim to get full graph of messages for some smart-contract call. I use next algorith...
11 months ago
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1 Answers
0 Votes 1 Answers 15K Views
Hi everyone I use API v4. In the docs there is example of getting block by unix time: https://mainnet-v4.tonhubapi.com/block/utime/1680031682. Here everythin...
11 months ago
2 Votes
1 Answers
2 Votes 1 Answers 21K Views
Using the ton.cx explorer as an example, when you click on the tab Contract, in the Data section, a lot of information is displayed. Unfortunately, it is all...