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0 Questions, 4 Answers
  Active since 22 January 2023
  Last activity 5 months ago

Founder of t.me/TheTonPay




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2 How to create a custom token on TON blockchain?

You can use minter.ton.org to create your own Jetton

7 months ago
1 How to store strings longer than 1023 bits in TON cells?

User "Tim" answered this question, and the answer is to use "snake cells", an example of working with such structure is here.

6 months ago
0 Is there a convention for the "unsupported opcode" error code?

There is a "standard" for that, and the error code is 0xffff. It's used in the official smart contract as well: https://github.com/ton-blockchain/token-contract/blob/main/nft/nft-collection.fc#L132

6 months ago