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How to store strings longer than 1023 bits in TON cells?

Do I get it right that if my smart contract needs to store a string longer than 1023 bits, I should split that thing in parts and make a chain of cells containing it? Can the length of each part go all the way up to 1023 bits?

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Posted one year ago
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Answers 2

That is correct; you need to use Snake Data Encoding if you want to store more than 1023 bits in a Smart Contract (TVM).

You have no other option.

The short answer is to use the method that Arter provided by checking the snake encoding example code here:
Snake Encoding Example Code

Also, for a more comprehensive understanding of how to incorporate this process into your work, you can refer to the following documentation:
Snake Data Encoding Reference

Posted 11 months ago

User "Tim" answered this question, and the answer is to use "snake cells", an example of working with such structure is here.

Posted one year ago