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Can anyone please tell me the usage of accept_message() in recv_internal? I saw it for the first time here: https://github.com/ton-blockchain/nominator-pool/...
one month ago
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First, I am learning the FunC in general. And watchs in example is the best way to learn a langaugae. 1. in Line 41, why we set a slice-cell to read for an u...
one month ago
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0 Votes 1 Answers 39 Views
What does TonKeeper signing represent? Can we say it's an "authority" that can ensure that the sender is the owner of the wallet address? - Is "Signing Log-i...
17 days ago
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0 Votes 1 Answers 35 Views
As mentioned, I have used loadRef(), but I don't understand the difference between loadRef() and preloadRef() (https://docs.tact-lang.org/language/ref/cells#...
12 days ago
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0 Votes 1 Answers 139 Views
I'm curious if there is an ERC1155 standard for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with a quantity. In the past, I've checked and implemented NFTs using the ERC721 s...
8 days ago
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I am trying to display data on my front-end to help users comprehend how the smart contract works instantly. To achieve that, we can call RPC from TonCenterA...
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1 Answers
0 Votes 1 Answers 106 Views
While programming in Tact, I want an easy way to test my contracts on my local device. I have found these three repositories: https://github.com/ton-core/ton...
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0 Votes 0 Answers 24 Views
When we set the metadata for the NFT, there has a field for "marketplace". Does that matter? Should we prepare others to support more NFT marketplace, or fut...
12 days ago
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1 Answers
0 Votes 1 Answers 173 Views
Follow the docs there:https://ton.org/docs/develop/func/overview back by the code: () send_money(slice address, int amount) impure inline { var msg = begin_c...
one month ago
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0 Votes 0 Answers 48 Views
In TVM, smart contract enable to trigge difference kind of flow based on the message they receive. - How can I track / monitor specific txs? (Like minting NF...
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0 Votes 1 Answers 136 Views
What is the usage of the configuration here? Should I worried about it if I am testing my contract? https://github.com/ton-community/sandbox#networkblock-con...
one month ago
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0 Votes 1 Answers 60 Views
What is the usage of ton-indexer? Can we say that it is a lightweight, self-hosted server that helps us easily track on-chain transactions? From my understan...
4 days ago
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0 Votes 0 Answers 14 Views
Can we say that implementing this TEP-89 in Jetton is now mandatory? https://github.com/ton-blockchain/TEPs/blob/master/text/0089-jetton-wallet-discovery.md
2 days ago
4 Get result/status of transaction

In my personal experience, I would use code like this to track the result of a transaction:

=== Your Code Parameters === 

console.log("Interacting with Collection Contract: \n" + contract_address);
let seqno: number = await wallet_address.getSeqno();
let transfer = await wallet_address.sendTransfer({
    seqno: seqno,
    secretKey: keyPair.secretKey,
    messages: [
            value: toNano("...
19 days ago
3 What happens if we verify the source code in the explorer, but the contract's code gets updated using set_code() instruction?

When you verify a smart contract's source code on a blockchain explorer or website, the page generates a unique code hash for the contract. This code hash is essentially a digital fingerprint of the contract's bytecode. When someone views the verified source code on the explorer, the explorer looks up the code hash and retrieves the corresponding source code.

However, if the contract's bytecode is updated using the set_code() instruction, the code hash will change. **This means that the ...

28 days ago
2 Does store_slice act like store_ref?

No, store_slice and store_ref are two different functions with different inputs and outputs.

store_slice adds slice bits and slice refs to a builder, while store_ref adds a cell to a builder's refs. Using store_slice with load_ref and begin_parse is not possible.

Regarding the most efficient way to store a slice as a ref, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. One possible method is to use builder.store_ref(begin_cell().store_slice(slice).end_cell()), but this ...

28 days ago
2 What is `accept_message()` here inside the recv_internal at Pool.fc?

accept_message() means allows using contract's balance for gas.

By default, only incoming message value is used for internal messages processing, and if it's not sufficient, contract doesn't spend its own balance trying to process a request.

one month ago
2 In transactions, what are "compute_gas_fees" and "other_fee"?

compute_gas_fees and other_fee are fees charged by the TON network for processing smart contract transactions.

compute_gas_fees are the fees charged for the computation required to execute the smart contract code. This includes the cost of processing instructions, reading and writing data to the blockchain, and validating transactions. The amount of compute_gas_fees charged depends on the complexity of the smart contract code and the amount of resources required to execute it.


14 days ago
2 Hello! I have observed an interesting behavior in wallet clients. I attempted to create a wallet using TonHub, TonKeeper, and wallet.ton.org. TonHub and TonKeeper generated the same address, while wallet.ton.org produced a different address when I used th

The reason for the different addresses generated by TonHub, TonKeeper, and wallet.ton.org when using the same mnemonic phrase is because the address depends on the wallet contract version being used.

It is important to note that v4 of the wallet contract allows for the installation of plugins, which could potentially introduce security vulnerabilities if used improperly. If you do not require the advanced features provided by v4, it is recommended that you use v3 ins...

3 days ago
2 How can I can register .ton domain name? Are dns auction contracts already public?

Yes, this is a great question!

TON DNS is a decentralized domain name system that lets you assign a human-readable name to crypto wallets, smart contracts, and websites.

Domain names are NFTs that can be stored, gifted, or sold. Auctions for domain names last for one week, and bids must be at least 5% higher than the previous bid. The highest bidder at the end of the auction period wins the domain name.

In addition, the .ton domain can be used as a multi-support gate to ...

18 days ago
2 What is `recv_internal`, and what are those arguments for?

There are always 4 arguments on stack when recv_internal is called.

By declaring recv_internal with less than 4 arguments you force FunC to ignore most deep variables (they still will be there, but your code will be unaware for the whole TVM execution).

in_msg_full - cell with raw message cell that contains all the flags and additional fields

in_msg_body - slice that only contain body of the message

Please check https://ton.org/docs/learn/tvm-instruction...

one month ago
1 What is the process for obtaining the `public key` from a friendly text address on TON Web?

To obtain a public key from a friendly text address using TonWeb's contract wallet module, you can use the create method to create an interface to the wallet's smart contract. You can specify the publicKey property to use a specific public key, or the address property to use a specific friendly text address.

Here's an example of creating a new interface to the wallet smart contract:

const nacl = TonWeb.utils.nacl;
const tonweb = new TonWeb();

const keyPair = nacl.sign.keyPa...
28 days ago
1 Is there a way to get more testnet coins?

Unfortunately, no.

But the best way for me is to open more Telegram accounts and call the bot from each account.

12 days ago
1 How can I add a comment to a TON-related transaction using send_raw_message and include it in the message body along with any attachment?

The process for adding a comment to a TON-related transaction using send_raw_message involves appending the comment in hexadecimal format to the end of the message body.

This can be achieved by adding "0x00000000 + comment_in_hex" as the last line of the message body.

Alternatively, it is possible to remove the "store_slice(msg_body)" command and store the comment directly using ".store_uint(0, 32)" followed by ".store_slice(comment)". This will produce the same outgoing message with...

3 days ago
1 Do any randomly generated 256 bits constitute a valid Ed25519 private key?"

Yes, any randomly generated 256 bits can be used as a seed to generate an Ed25519 private key. One possible method for generating a private key from such a seed is by using a cryptographic hash function such as SHA256.

4 days ago
1 What is this Election contract, and why does he have a balance greater than the stake of all validators?

The Election contract is responsible for managing the validator elections on the TON blockchain.

The reason why the contract's balance may be greater than the total stake of all validators combined is because the stake of each validator is divided into two halves, and only one half is used during the current validation round.

In order to participate in the next round, validators must make a new stake before it begins, while their previous stake is still locked.

**As a result, ...

19 days ago
1 Why do highload wallets have a limit of 255 simultaneous transactions?

The maximum number of out-messages per transaction on the TON network is limited to 255 for performance and optimization reasons. This limit is designed to prevent network congestion and ensure that the network remains efficient and responsive during periods of high transaction volume. In-messages do not have this limit and can be included in a transaction in any number.

24 days ago
1 Could anyone please explain why transfers to an Inactive address are occasionally recalled in TON-related transactions?

When transferring funds to an uninitialized or Inactive address in a TON-related transaction, there is a possibility that the transfer may be called back.

This occurs when the receiving account is inactive, and the **"bounce-flag" **has not been cleared. To prevent the transfer from being called back, it is necessary to clear the bounce-flag before sending the funds. This can be done by sending a message to the uninitialized account with a special flag set to clear the bounce-flag. By d...

3 days ago
1 Is it more cost-effective to use Fift instead of FunC?

Yes, it is possible to write your code directly in Fift to make it more cost-effective in terms of gas consumption. The reason is that Fift is a lower-level language than FunC, which means that it provides more fine-grained control over the code and allows for more efficient programming.

However, writing code directly in Fift requires more expertise and effort, as Fift is a stack-based language and has a steeper learning curve than FunC. Therefore, it may not be worth the effort for simple...

17 days ago
1 Is there an Ethereum epoch equivalent on TON?

Yes, there is a concept of epochs in the TON ecosystem as well. An epoch is a period of time during which a specific set of validators are responsible for validating transactions and creating new blocks. In TON, an epoch typically lasts for several hours, during which validators can earn rewards for successfully validating transactions.

Each epoch is composed of a fixed number of blocks, which are validated by a specific group of validators. The validators for each epoch are selected b...

18 days ago
1 What would be the best method to check if my address received a payment with a specific message? Is 'getTransactions' method okay?

Using the **'getTransactions' **method would be a recommended approach for checking if a specific message was received by a particular address.

The TON JS Examples repository on Github offers helpful resources, including a JavaScript code snippet that can be used to retrieve a list of transactions for a specific address.

The code example can be found at

4 days ago
1 Why is the data empty even though I deployed the jetton contract?

It seems that the Jetton contracts are functioning correctly on TonWeb, so the issue is likely due to an error in the code deployed by the person asking the question.

Perhaps they made a mistake during the deployment process, or there could be an issue with their code. To resolve the problem, it's recommended that they carefully review their code and study the official Jetton contracts on TonWeb to identify any differences.

Through a thorough debugging process, they can identify the...

4 days ago
1 What is the cost to store data in the TVM TON Blockchain at this moment? And what is the difference if we using TON Storage rather than Cell?

Generally speaking, TON Storage is offline and its cost depends on the provider. On the other hand, for TON Cell, you should check the TON Storage fee.

It's important to note that TON Storage only ensures that storage providers don't receive payment if they don't store the file, but it doesn't guarantee that files are actually stored. TON Storage is more about availability than actual storage.

**As for the cost of storing data on TON, saving 1 MB of data for one year will cost approxima...

11 days ago
1 Why the TonCenter API works with error here?

It looks like the initial transaction requested through /getTransactions is not in the masterchain (workchain=-1). You can try using /getBlockTransactions to look for the transaction in the basechain (workchain=0).

First, use /lookupBlock to find the block number corresponding to the transaction's Unix time, and then use /getBlockTransactions to search for the transaction in the block with the corresponding sequence number in each shard.

In the specific case mentioned, the tran...

18 days ago
1 What delay to set for the transaction to finish?

In order to ensure that the first transaction has been processed and the wallet has received the TON coins before attempting to send the jetton, you should wait for a confirmation of the first transaction.

The amount of time it takes for a transaction to be confirmed can vary depending on factors such as network congestion and transaction fees. Generally, you should wait for at least one confirmation, which typically takes around 1-2 minutes on the TON network.

When sending the TON ...

25 days ago
1 Does TON support EVM compatible?

The short answer is no. EVM and TVM are fundamentally different, so it's not possible to directly transfer your Solidity code to TVM. However, it's possible that in the future, tools will be developed to enable the compilation of ABI bytecode to TL-B based on TVM.

For more information on the basic concepts and a comparison of the two blockchains, you can find additional details here: https://blog.ton.org/six-unique-aspects-of-ton-blockchain-that-will-surprise-solidity-developers.

For a ...

29 days ago
1 How can I activate my wallet

To activate your wallet on the TON network, you will need to follow the activation process specific to the wallet you are using. The exact steps may vary depending on the wallet and the version of the TON network you are using.

It's worth noting that most wallets on the TON network, such as TonKeeper and TonHub, are now using the Wallet V4 smart contract. This is a new and updated version of the smart con...

29 days ago
1 Does a 24-word mnemonic correspond to multiple addresses, or is there a 1:1 relationship between them?

**Yes, it is possible for a 24-word mnemonic phrase to correspond to an unlimited number of addresses. ** ⭕️

This phrase is generated using a deterministic wallet seed and is used to derive multiple public and private key pairs following the BIP32 hierarchical deterministic wallet (HD wallet) standard.

**❗️It is important to note that the relationship between the mnemonic phrase and its corresponding key pairs is one-to-many, rather than many-to-many. **

In other words, each uniqu...

29 days ago
1 Is there an explorer for testnet?
one month ago
1 How can I print out something in FunC?

In FunC world, you can type this to get the result:

var e = 123;
one month ago
1 Can we use QR code to log-in ?(like in Metamask)

Yes, you can use many SDK/open source project shared with related way to acheive that.

  • https://github.com/ton-foundation/ton-x
    This lib can give you a connect via qr code option support with tonhub mobile wallet

  • More recently, TON community just launched the TON Connect 2.0, you can connect more better UX and working with the real-time performance of it.

Nonetheless, you can find the example with github online p...

one month ago
1 What's the difference between addr, and Addr, by the way?

addr, is alias for 256u,: write 256uint.

Meanwhile full address serialization also include address format tag, workchain, 256bit part ans some additional fields.

Addr, consume from stack two elements: workchain and hash-part and handle this.

All account IDs have 256-bit address in the MasterChain and BaseChain (basic workchain).

Nowadays, only the Masterchain (workchain_id=-1) and occasionally the basic workchain (workchain_id=0) are running in the TON Blockchain.

one month ago
1 Does anyone know or have an example how can I store a static address in FunC? Using asm

You can using something like:

const a = "Ef8zMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzM0vF"a

You need to create a function which returns a splice. Something like this

slice fun_name() asm “x{0055bb} PUSHSLICE”

and then execute a function when you need a slice:


For more information, can check here

one month ago
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I'm curious if there is an ERC1155 standard for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with a quantity. In the past, I've checked and implemented NFTs using the ERC721 s...
8 days ago
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Do any randomly generated 256 bits constitute a valid Ed25519 private key?" > This question was imported from Telegram Chat: https://t.me/tondev_eng/2728
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I have a generated keypair. How to import the secretKey in code? I tried passing it as a string (hex version) but didnt work > This question was imported fro...
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What is the process for adding a comment to a transaction using send_raw_message in TON-related transactions? Is it possible to include the comment in the bo...