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Follow the Docs for `send_raw_message`.

Follow the docs there:https://ton.org/docs/develop/func/overview

back by the code:

() send_money(slice address, int amount) impure inline {
    var msg = begin_cell()
        .store_uint(0x10, 6) ;; nobounce

    send_raw_message(msg, 64);
  • What is the meaning for 64 here for send_raw_message?
  • And what is more expand and the usage for .store_uint(0x10, 6)? Is there more than just nobounce? Then what is the number for it.
Posted one year ago
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Answers 2

  1. 64 = carry unused gas, basically forwards gas left from the message to the next transaction.
  2. it's easier to understand this via binary representation. anyway, the only thing you must know: use 0x10 for non-bouncable messages, 0x18 for bouncanles ones.

check here for more example on how to craft messages and available modes

Posted one year ago


Howard   7 months ago Report

  • "store_uint" is presumably a function or method that takes two parameters.
  • The first parameter, "0x18", is a hexadecimal representation of a number. In decimal form, "0x18" equals 24.
  • The second parameter, "6", could be the size or length of the data that's being stored, often referring to the number of bits. In this case, the integer 24 is being stored in a 6-bit format.

In general, serialization is the process of converting data structures or object states into a format that can be stored, transmitted, and reconstructed later. This is often used in network communication, when data needs to be sent over a network, or when complex data structures need to be saved for later use.

Posted one year ago
Edited one year ago
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