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How do we validate given address is valid TON address or not?

How do we validate given address is valid TON address or not?

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Posted 12 months ago
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Generally speaking, you can use https://testnet.toncenter.com/api/v2/#/accounts/get_address_information_getAddressInformation_get to acquire all formats of a single address.

However, in practice, you can also utilize libraries to generate these. Below are a few snippets of code:

import { mnemonicToPrivateKey } from "ton-crypto";

let mnemonics = "YOUR_MNEMONICS";
let keyPair = await mnemonicToPrivateKey([mnemonics]);

// ✨ 🟡 Test-net:
const client = new TonClient4({
    endpoint: "https://sandbox-v4.tonhubapi.com",

// Create wallet contract
let workchain = 0; // Usually you need a workchain 0
let wallet = WalletContractV4.create({ workchain, publicKey: keyPair.publicKey });
let wallet_address = client.open(wallet);
let address = wallet_address.address;

Please replace "YOUR_MNEMONICS" with your actual mnemonics.

Posted 12 months ago
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12 months ago
12 months ago