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Mahdi Bagheri
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  Active since 01 February 2024
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Is there any implementation of VRF like what Chainlink brought to work in The Open Network? If there is no such contract working in mainnet can anybody help ...
28 days ago
0 Access TONs in Jetton contract type wallet

If those TONs are locked in your contract you do not have any other option other than having a receiver to withdraw contract's balance. So you need to implement a new operation to withdraw desired amount of TON coins to a specific receptient.

for example:

if (op == op::withdraw()) {
		throw_unless(73, equal_slices(sender_address, admin_address));
		slice to_address = in_msg_body~load_msg_addr();
		int amount = in_msg_body~load_coins();
		;; send raw message to "to_address" ...
24 days ago
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It's a basic question that's probably answered somewhere in the documentation, but for some people it's easier to ask this way. So, what are the masterchain ...
11 months ago