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What's the difference between addr, and Addr, by the way?

What's the difference between addr, and Addr, by the way?


Posted 7 months ago
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addr, is alias for 256u,: write 256uint.

Meanwhile full address serialization also include address format tag, workchain, 256bit part ans some additional fields.

Addr, consume from stack two elements: workchain and hash-part and handle this.

All account IDs have 256-bit address in the MasterChain and BaseChain (basic workchain).

Nowadays, only the Masterchain (workchain_id=-1) and occasionally the basic workchain (workchain_id=0) are running in the TON Blockchain.

Both of them have 256-bit addresses, so we henceforth assume that workchain_id is either 0 or -1 and that the address inside the workchain is exactly 256-bit.

Posted 7 months ago
Edited 7 months ago