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What is this "Jetton-ICO-Minter.fc" FunC file talks about? (Each line overview for questions)

First, I am learning the FunC in general. And watchs in example is the best way to learn a langaugae.

  1. in Line 41, why we set a slice-cell to read for an unsigned integer 4?
  1. There is no proper explain for load_data even in https://ton.org/docs/develop


  1. What is throw_unless means in Line 54
throw_unless(76, buy_amount > 0);

What is 76 here means?

  1. In line 28, there has a word calculate_jetton_wallet_address, but can't find any place in second time. What is this function coming from?

  2. In Line 18 what is the 0x18 means? and why it is store with 6 bits?

Posted 3 months ago
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  • First 4 bits for the message like below
  1. 0 for internal, 1 for external message
  2. 0 for enable instant hypercube routing, 1 for disable (it is not implemented yet, so always 1 now)
  3. 1 for bouncible message, 0 for not
  4. 1 for result of bouncing itself, 0 for not
Posted 3 months ago
1 Answer
3 months ago
3 months ago