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Is there a way to make a local network like Ganache for TON?

I would like to test the deployment and execution of smart contracts on my local network. I'm looking for a rapid system that I can spin up so that I don't need to acquire TestNet tokens and that I can restart when necessary.

Is there a way to make an instance of a local network to test with, like Ganache for TON?

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Posted one year ago
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The best solution is likely the TON Contract Executor. It allows you to run the TON Virtual Machine locally, and thus execute smart contracts. You should be able to debug and fully test contracts before launching them to the network. I don't believe it forks networks like HardHat can, however.

There is also MyLocalTON which is a community led solution that runs not only the virtual machine but the rest of the TON blockchain systems as well.

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
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