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How to Properly Include Sequence Numbers in Tonweb Transactions?

Hello! I have a question regarding crafting a transaction using Tonweb. I attached the SENDER seqno using wallet.methods.seqno().call(), and then sent the transaction to a standard wallet. It worked well. However, in the recipient's standard wallet code, the seqno sent from the sender is checked against the local seqno (msg_seqno == stored_seqno).

My question is, how can storedseqno and msg_seqno be the same if the sender attached their own seqno and the recipient checks the SENDER seqno with their own stored_seqno? Shouldn't the transaction include the RECIPIENT seqno for this to work properly?

I ask this because the seqno of my contract increases when I send a transaction, not when I receive one. Then, when the wallet receives the transaction, the seqno doesn't increase. I'm monitoring the seqno on the explorer test-dot-tonwhales. Is there documentation or an explanation available to clarify how this works?


Posted one year ago
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Sequence numbers are used to ensure that blockchain transactions are processed in the correct order and that no duplicates are executed. When crafting a Tonweb transaction, it's important to include the recipient's sequence number in the data to prevent errors or delays in processing.

By properly managing sequence numbers and including the recipient's sequence number in transaction data, you can help ensure that your transactions are executed accurately and smoothly.

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
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