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How to concatenate strings in FunC?

What is the right way to concatenate strings? I've tried this but didn't succeed:

.store_slice("start test " + VAR1 + " finish text")

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Posted one year ago

there's no strings in func

Kirill Kirilenko   one year ago Report
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The string type in FunC is represented by slice, so you need to create new cell and put substrings in it:

	slice charA = "A"; ;; char A
	slice charB = "B"; ;; char b

	;; create cell with "ABBA" string in it
	cell cellABBA =

	;; convert cell to slice (or simply use the cell itself)
	slice stringABBA = cellABBA.begin_parse();

	~strdump(stringABBA);	;; #DEBUG#: ABBA
Posted one year ago
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one year ago
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