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How do you generate the public address of a TON wallet from its mnemonic?

How do you generate the public address of TON wallet from the seed phrase?

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Posted 9 months ago
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This post has JS code that does it as well as explanations how it all works: https://ton-community.github.io/tutorials/01-wallet/

You should be able to get the wallet address like so:

import { mnemonicToWalletKey } from "ton-crypto";
import { WalletContractV4 } from "ton";

async function main() {
  // open wallet v4 (notice the correct wallet version here)
  const mnemonic = "unfold sugar water ..."; // your 24 secret words (replace ... with the rest of the words)
  const key = await mnemonicToWalletKey(mnemonic.split(" "));
  const wallet = WalletContractV4.create({ publicKey: key.publicKey, workchain: 0 });

  // print wallet address
  console.log(wallet.address.toString({ testOnly: true }));

Posted 9 months ago
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9 months ago
9 months ago