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Is there a way to create a "pretty" TON wallet address?

When creating a wallet, it is automatically assigned a number that you can't choose. But some addresses can look prettier than others (like having letter sequences that look non-random and mean something). Is it possible to create such an address intentionally?

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It is possible to do this, but you would have to generate thousands of different private and public key pairs. I have yet to see one configured specifically for TON, though.

Essentially, you would generate thousands of random mnemonics and filter for ones that are like the parameters that you want.

You can generate key pairs with TonWeb:

        const nacl = TonWeb.utils.nacl; // use nacl library for key pairs
        const tonweb = new TonWeb();

        const keyPair = nacl.sign.keyPair(); // create new random key pair
        let secretKey = keyPair.secretKey;

        let wallet = tonweb.wallet.create({publicKey: keyPair.publicKey}); // create interface to wallet smart contract (wallet v3 by default)
Posted one year ago
Edited one year ago
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