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How to make a website check whether the user has a specific NFT?

I would like to make an "exclusive" website accessible only to owners of certain NFTs. So it would require some sort of authorization where the website checks the ownership of such NFT. How it should be implemented following the web3 principles?

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Posted one year ago
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  1. Have the user connect to the website with the TON SDK.
  2. Check the address for an NFT. Let them know they need to buy an NFT if they don't own the right NFT, and let them know they need to sign a message otherwise. https://answers.ton.org/question/1546098552432758784/how-do-you-get-data-about-nfts-of-an-address-using-an-api
  3. Have your backend generate a JWT token based off ownership of an NFT. This will involve having the user sign something with their wallet to prove that they own the wallet they claim they do in the frontend. Then you can use this authorization method like you would with any typical website. You can adapt something similar:
Posted one year ago
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