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How is '(slice -> int) cast_to_S2I(cont c) asm "NOP";' works?

hi all, I am trying to read more example in FunC:

since the template for payment channel here has these two lines I can't figure out

  • how it works
  • why we need it here

(slice -> int) cast_to_S2I(cont c) asm "NOP";
;; (slice, int) load_coins(slice s) asm( -> 1 0) "LDVARUINT16";
;; builder store_coins(builder b, int x) asm "STVARINT16";
forall X, Y, Z -> tuple t_triple(X x, Y y, Z z) asm "TRIPLE";


Can anyone answer this? and explaind those 2 for?

Posted one year ago
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0 Answers
one year ago
one year ago