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How to convert TON Address Formats Using js-sdk Method?

Is there a method like this in the js-sdk to get the raw address from the bounceable address "EQD-Im0tOZM_7tM9e-dpCHk72xAuwFTtXnhAicHLmkw3MALm" as "0:fe226d2d39933feed33d7be76908793bdb102ec054ed5e784089c1cb9a4c3730"?

Here is the code snippet:

"address": {
    "bounceable": "EQD-Im0tOZM_7tM9e-dpCHk72xAuwFTtXnhAicHLmkw3MALm",
    "non_bounceable": "UQD-Im0tOZM_7tM9e-dpCHk72xAuwFTtXnhAicHLmkw3MF8j",
    "raw": "0:fe226d2d39933feed33d7be76908793bdb102ec054ed5e784089c1cb9a4c3730"
Posted one year ago
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I believe all SDKs have a method to cast RAW/Friendly form addresses. For example, in tonweb (https://github.com/toncenter/tonweb/blob/master/src/utils/README.md), you can use address.wc and address.hashPart to get the RAW address as wc:hashPart.

Although I have never used this in my projects, the documentation seems to be accurate.

It should be similar for any SDK - you need to find the Address entity and check its methods and properties to see how to retrieve the RAW address.

Posted one year ago
Howard Peng
10 × 1 Administrator