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How do I deploy a custom contract with TonWeb?

Given a smart contract, how do I deploy it using the TonWeb SDK?

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Posted one year ago
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You can use the tonweb-contract component of the TonWeb package.

First, create your contract class:

import {Contract} from 'web3-eth-contract';

export class MyContract extends Contract {
    constructor(provider, options) {
				// insert the bytes of your code here
        options.code = hexToBytes('abcd..');
        super(provider, options);

				// add definitions of the functions of the contract
        this.method.myMethod = ...

    // @override
    createDataCell() {
    // @override
    createSigningMessage(options) {

Later you can deploy with an instance of the contract:

const contract = new MyContract(provider, options)
const deployMethod = contract.deploy(keyPair.secretKey);
await deployMethod.send();
Posted one year ago
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