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TON node not syncing

Please, could you help me to understand why my TON node cant sync

Load average[8]: 1.34, 1.26, 1.29
Network load average (Mbit/s): 9.44, 8.71, 48.85
Memory load: ram:[16.06 Gb, 50.3%], swap:[0.0 Gb, 0.0%]
Disks load average (MB/s): sda:[4.14, 0.82%], sdb:[0.05, 1.22%]
Mytoncore status: working, 1 hours
Local validator status: working, 12 minutes
Local validator out of sync: 1686148396 s
Local validator database size: 0.04 Gb, 43.3%

And out of sync time raising every check

Could you please give me any advise how to fix this?

Posted 6 months ago
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Most likely it will sync at the beginning of the next cycle, just wait.

Posted 6 months ago
1 Answer
6 months ago
6 months ago