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24 secret words not forward compatible - lost assets!

Here my proof of claim

If your old version of the wallet is not allowed on the blockchain anymore, then there is no way to get access back to your coins. The blockchain explorer show many ppl staking 40k, 50k, 100K. When they need it back in say 5 years, they are screwed. I have good money staked and was shocked when I upgraded to the latest wallet.

Posted 7 months ago

This two wallets use different versions. v3r2 in first and v4r2 in second. You may install OpenMask TON browser extension, put this menmonic there and switch "version" in "wallet settings".

Dmitry   7 months ago Report

https://ibb.co/kmsbxSy - screen from Tonhub wallet app where it detected coins on one of old versions and prompts to transfer to newest v4r2 version (that's testnet, so addresses start with kQ...)

Dmitry   7 months ago Report
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7 months ago
7 months ago