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Nft stuck in safepal wallet. Help me get NFT out of there if I change the private key.

Hi guys. They sent me NFT to the TON address: EQDCgYOsp7papvk4O2_R1qcrtItnRzeZz-knOb4q7xsI_0so

It turns out that this wallet does not have the functionality to withdraw my NFT to another wallet.

But my address created in the safepal wallet, and you cannot import a mnemonic phrase there, and there is only a secret key.
Is there any way to withdraw my NFT from the Safepal wallet. or is he already lost forever

Posted 2 months ago
Edited 2 months ago
Deleted user
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Hi, basically you can still can transfer the NFT out, go to https://getgems.io to log in your wallet then execute the Transfer method.

Posted 2 months ago
1 Answer
2 months ago
2 months ago