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Where can I find the "func" and "fift" command-line executables that are required to compile FunC smart contracts?

In order to compile smart contracts in the FunC language I need the executables named func and fift. They are used to compile my FunC source code to TVM bytecode.

Moreover, I'm using multiple operating systems, which means I need these executables for both MacOS and for Windows.

What's the best place to get them?

Posted one year ago
Tal Kol
334 × 3 Administrator
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Option 1 - download pre-compiled TON binaries

You can find pre-compiled binaries for func, fift and lite-client in the repo https://github.com/ton-defi-org/ton-binaries

  1. Download the binaries from the Releases page of this repo - make sure to select the correct version according to the operating system you're using and install the additional dependencies

  2. After download, make sure the downloaded binaries are executable by changing their permissions (ie by running chmod +x fift). It's also useful to place these binaries in your path (or copy them to /usr/local/bin) to make sure you can access them from anywhere.

  3. To check that everything was installed correctly, run in terminal fift -V && func -V && lite-client -V

  4. If you plan to use fift, also download fiftlib.zip, open the zip in some directory on your machine (like /usr/local/lib/fiftlib) and set the environment variable FIFTPATH to point to this directory.

Option 2 - compile by yourself

If you don't want to rely on pre-compiled binaries and prefer to compile the binaries by yourself, you can follow the official instructions. This is of course the most secure option, but it takes more effort.

The gist of the instructions for Linux (Ubuntu / Debian) is provided below:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install git make cmake g++ libssl-dev zlib1g-dev wget
cd ~ && git clone https://github.com/ton-blockchain/ton.git
cd ~/ton && git submodule update --init
mkdir ~/ton/build && cd ~/ton/build && cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release && make -j 4

Option 3 - other sources for binaries

The core team provides automatic builds for several operating systems as GitHub Actions.

Click on the link above, choose the workflow on the left relevant to your operating system, click on a recent green passing build and under "Artifacts" download ton-binaries.

Posted one year ago
Tal Kol
334 × 3 Administrator