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How can I set up a sale of a custom Jetton token at a constant TON price?

I am new to developing smart contracts on the TON blockchain and I am looking for assistance in creating a contract that can automatically distribute a jetton token at in exchange for a fixed rate of TON. I would like the contract to automatically send the jetton tokens to the wallet that sent the TON.

I have looked into the FunC language documentation and have been able to create a basic contract, but I am struggling with implementing the automatic distribution functionality. I would greatly appreciate any guidance or advice on how to proceed with this task.

Thank you in advance for your help.


what is the feature you need

Howard   one year ago Report
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You can use the ICO version of Jetton smart contract which is available here:

You have to change the multiplier for your jetton. For example, multiplying to 1000, means that 1 TON equals 1000 of your jettons.

Then you can deploy it and anyone sending Toncoin to it, will receive your jettons.

Note that this is a template and you have to add additional functionality on top of it, like stopping it when it reaches a certain amount of jettons, or removing the admin address.

Posted one year ago