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How can I set up a sale of a custom Jetton token at a constant TON price?

I am new to developing smart contracts on the TON blockchain and I am looking for assistance in creating a contract that can automatically distribute a jetton token at in exchange for a fixed rate of TON. I would like the contract to automatically send the jetton tokens to the wallet that sent the TON.

I have looked into the FunC language documentation and have been able to create a basic contract, but I am struggling with implementing the automatic distribution functionality. I would greatly appreciate any guidance or advice on how to proceed with this task.

Thank you in advance for your help.


what is the feature you need

Howard   4 months ago Report
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You can use the ICO version of Jetton smart contract which is available here:

You have to change the multiplier for your jetton. For example, multiplying to 1000, means that 1 TON equals 1000 of your jettons.

Then you can deploy it and anyone sending Toncoin to it, will receive your jettons.

Note that this is a template and you have to add additional functionality on top of it, like stopping it when it reaches a certain amount of jettons, or removing the admin address.

Posted 4 months ago