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Do wallets without transactions lose their value over time?

It's known that smart contracts on TON have to pay storage fee, it is deducted during each transaction. And if a contract doesn't have any transactions for a very long time, it would get frozen and disappear so it won't be stored eternally for free.

TON wallets are smart contracts too. Does it mean that if a wallet is not used at all for a very long time, its owner will eventually lose all the money in that wallet?

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Posted one year ago
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Yes, the owner will eventually lose all the money.
However, data stored by wallet (let's assume v3r2) is less than 1 KiB, so to lose even 1 TON you'll have to wait thousands of years, over which time the network will clearly have some other breaking changes.

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
one year ago