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Is there a way to transfer a large NFT collection to a new owner at once?

There is a wallet with a large NFT collection in it. Now I need to transfer all of it to a different wallet. Sending all the NFTs one-by-one feels very ineffective. Is it the only way, or is it possible to transfer all the collection at once?

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Posted one year ago
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Great question. The short answer is no.

Because each NFT owner is locally recorded, it means you need to send a transaction to each NFT.

But luckily, you can still use a series of CLI commands to send multiple transactions to reset each NFT's owner.

Be aware that the difference between EVM and TVM is that the TON network supports sharding your contract in a scalable way. If you launch a collection with a maximum of 10,000 in circulation, then you will have 10,001 contracts: one major collection contract and 10,000 NFT item contracts.

This brings more usability and a sufficient way to manage the contract's status without increasing the cost of gas.

Please take a reference here:

Posted one year ago