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What is the cost to store data in the TVM TON Blockchain at this moment? And what is the difference if we using TON Storage rather than Cell?

Can you provide information on the cost of storing data in the TVM TON Blockchain at the current moment? Specifically, how much does it cost to store data using TON Storage, and how does this compare to storing data using Cell?

Additionally, could you provide more context on how storage works in the TON ecosystem? I noticed that paying for chain storage is not a one-time fee, but rather a continuous rent payment. Could you elaborate on this process and how it affects smart contracts?

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Generally speaking, TON Storage is offline and its cost depends on the provider. On the other hand, for TON Cell, you should check the TON Storage fee.

It's important to note that TON Storage only ensures that storage providers don't receive payment if they don't store the file, but it doesn't guarantee that files are actually stored. TON Storage is more about availability than actual storage.

As for the cost of storing data on TON, saving 1 MB of data for one year will cost approximately 6.01 TON. However, it's worth noting that you typically don't need to store large amounts of data on-chain.

If you require decentralized storage, you can consider TON Storage. You can find more information about TON Storage here: https://ton.org/docs/participate/ton-storage/storage-daemon.

Posted one year ago
Edited one year ago