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How can I transfer TON in PHP?

How can I transfer TON in PHP?

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Posted one year ago
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I believe that other TVM projects use PHP heavily, but TON does not. There are PHP community extensions that are available for you to use, but they are still in development:


It will allow you to interact with wallets:


For example, where variable $kp is the keypair and variable $transport is a structure defined by the SDK that essentially acts as a provider:

global $kp, $transport;

$wallet = new WalletV3R1(
    new WalletV3Options(

$extMsg = $wallet->createTransferMessage(
    new TransferMessageOptions(
        dest: new Address("EQBYivdc0GAk-nnczaMnYNuSjpeXu2nJS3DZ4KqLjosX5sVC"),
        amount: Units::toNano("0.01"),
        seqno: (int)$wallet->seqno($transport),
        payload: "Hello world!",
        sendMode: SendMode::IGNORE_ERRORS->combine(SendMode::PAY_GAS_SEPARATELY)

$transport->sendMessage($extMsg, $kp->secretKey);
Posted one year ago
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