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Why are transfers to an inactive address occasionally recalled in TON-related transactions?

Could anyone please explain why transfers to an Inactive address are occasionally recalled in TON-related transactions?

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When transferring funds to an uninitialized or Inactive address in a TON-related transaction, there is a possibility that the transfer may be called back.

This occurs when the receiving account is inactive, and the **"bounce-flag" **has not been cleared. To prevent the transfer from being called back, it is necessary to clear the bounce-flag before sending the funds. This can be done by sending a message to the uninitialized account with a special flag set to clear the bounce-flag. By doing so, the funds will be successfully transferred without being recalled.

Here is an example for the bounced-flag implementation in Tact language:

    bounced(msg: Slice) {
        msg.skipBits(32); // 0xFFFFFFFF  // Parse bounced message
        let op: Int = msg.loadUint(32);
        let queryId: Int = msg.loadUint(64);
        let jettonAmount: Int = msg.loadCoins();
        require(op == 0x178d4519 || op == 0x7bdd97de, "Invalid bounced message");
        self.balance = self.balance + jettonAmount; // Update balance
Posted 11 months ago
1 Answer
11 months ago
10 months ago