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Are there services for smart contract analytics on TON?

On other blockchains there are projects like Tenderly and Pagoda that help with tasks such as smart contract analytics. Are there any alternatives to them in the TON ecosystem?

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While there isn't anything as robust as the tools that you've described, I do believe that there are a couple of tools that can help you along.

The first is ton-indexer, which doesn't have an official graphical interface yet but can be used for analyzing and querying blockchain data in a way that a typical endpoint cannot.

The next is Blueprint, which can act as your test environment to replay transactions. Similar to HardHat or Tenderly's Sandbox.

DTon is a strong option of an explorer to view the code and other technical details of accounts and transactions.

While there isn't every tool in one centralized place, and some tools such as gas profilers may not exist, there are certainly a useful amount of tools for your development purposes!

Posted one year ago
384 × 5 Administrator