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Is it possible to somehow reduce the transaction execution time or send multiple transactions at one time? (nodejs)

I'm using an example from the tutorial (https://ton-community.github.io/tutorials/01-wallet /) based on the npm ton library and solve a problem where I have an array with wallets and values for transfer and I have to send funds to them quickly enough

I'm new to this area, but I guess I can't make a new transaction until the seqno changes.
My transactions are made with a frequency about 1 transaction in 10 seconds, but on the tonscan.org I saw wallets with 10 transactions sent per second. Is there anything I can do to send all transactions at once or speed up the execution time?

Thanks in advance for any hint! Code below

var lines = fs.readFileSync('to_pay.txt', 'utf8').split(/\r?\n/);
for (const item of lines) {
                    var data = item.split(' ')
                    const walletContract = client.open(wallet);
                    const seqno = await walletContract.getSeqno();
                    console.log('seqno is '+ seqno)
                    await walletContract.sendTransfer({
                        secretKey: key.secretKey,
                        seqno: seqno,
                        messages: [
                                to: data[0],
                                value: data[1],
                                body: "Transfer",
                                bounce: false,
Posted one year ago
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one year ago
one year ago