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Is it possible to implement anonymous voting on TON?

It's possible to create voting systems on TON, such as ton.vote. But usually it's known how a specific account voted. Is it possible to create a voting system where everyone can see the results but no one knows what choices were made by specific accounts?

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Posted 10 months ago
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That's a great question. To put it simply, we can't.

I'm guessing you're referring to ton.vote, the smart contract that we can verify based on the Orb Network's documentation here: https://github.com/orbs-network/dao-vote.

If you check the code, you will notice that it's based on the wallet address with the voting function message receivers. This means that we cannot anonymously vote in TON.

Posted 10 months ago
Howard Peng
10 × 1 Administrator
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10 months ago
10 months ago