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Is there NFT burning on TON?

Suppose I've created an NFT collection for testing purposes. After the testing I don't need it anymore and would like to get rid of it. Is there "NFT burning" on TON like there is on some other blockchains? How exactly do I burn a TON NFT?

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Posted 7 months ago
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So basically you can't burn the NFT.

It is not possible to completely erase an NFT from the blockchain. This is true for both Ethereum and TON, as data stored on the blockchain cannot be deleted. The only available option is to transfer the NFT to a "black hole" address or a specific inactive contract, which essentially locks the NFT away indefinitely.

Can take a look about my NFT implement in Tact lang:

Posted 7 months ago
Howard Peng
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7 months ago
7 months ago