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How do I connect to a website with TON?

Is there a way that I can use a TON wallet to log in to a website? Specifically, I am looking at the functionality that is already present on getgems.io.

This question was imported from Telegram Chat: https://t.me/tondev_eng/7763

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That website has a good example of how to connect to multiple types of TON wallets, unfortunately the frontend is not open source!

By login, I assume you mean connecting to the site, not necessarily having a backend account system like you would in Web2. That is a different question that can be answered in a different way.

What you're looking for is likely TON Connect! They provide ways to connect wallets to a frontend through their SDK. You can connect with one of their SDK packages:

import TonConnectUI from '@tonconnect/ui'

const tonConnectUI = new TonConnectUI({
    manifestUrl: 'https://<YOUR_APP_URL>/tonconnect-manifest.json',

// Try to connect here
const connectedWallet = await tonConnectUI.connectWallet();

Learn more about how to use them with their SDK and documentation.

Posted one year ago
384 × 5 Administrator