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Are there examples of a random minter on TON?

Minting NFTs can be done in a randomized way. Are there random minters in the TON ecosystem with an open source code?

This question was imported from Telegram Chat: https://t.me/tondev/124536

Posted one year ago
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Good question. Essentially, you cannot do that if you're using another data source to store the metadata outside the TON Blockchain. This is because the metadata, which includes the content of each NFT, can be easily manipulated by the project team.

This repository (https://github.com/disintar/DTN/blob/main/notes/onchain-reveal.md) presents an alternative way to implement an on-chain method for revealing the NFT content, which is more transparent and fair.

You can also refer to the NFT item contract code for the username NFT on Fragment.com & the Telegram Team (https://github.com/TelegramMessenger/telemint/blob/main/func/nft-item.fc).

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
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